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  • Who is Princess Guts? // Artist Statement
    Hi there! My names Milla, I am 22 year old artist & tattooist from the Los Angeles area. Creating art has been an outlet for me ever since I was a child. When I was younger I was always more on the shy side so getting across my thoughts and feelings wasn't an easy task for me, neither was making friends. I got lost in the worlds I could create and found a way to find comfort in being alone. Art became my best friend and a way I could express myself. As I entered adolescence my work became a way of documenting my experiences and processing feelings of hurt, anger and love. Every piece is driven by a unique emotional experience and has a story that only I will ever truly know. When creating my work I tend to use watercolor paints and pen to create a light and fluid image with a more stylized effect. I also work in a digital medium when creatingmy tattoo designs. The images I create range from romantic and ethereal to grotesque and macabre. I am inspired by Ero Guro and artists such as Suehiro Maruo, Junji Ito and Frida Khalo. As an artist my goal is to make people question what they're looking at, I want them to embrace the morbid, unusual and erotic which is normally a taboo in our society, because of this my recent works focus on darker more sinister aspects of the human psyche. My own internal demons and the long difficult process of learning to love every part of myself are what inspired this theme. As individuals we cannot live our lives hiding behind the things that scare us or the limitations our mind creates, we must face our darkside and evolve. Outside of art and tattooing I have intrestests in spirituality such as astrology & the occult, which heavily influnces my work. I love nature, my cats and manga. I hope you enjoy & connect with my art as much as I do, thank you so much for supporting me & my creative journey xx Milla Isabella <3
  • Do you take on commisson pieces?
    If you are intersted in purchasing custom work please feel free to email me *serious inquiries only please, thank you so much <3 ~ Milla Isabella
  • Store Info
    - All prices are listed in USD and may be subject to change upon purchase due to currency exchange rates. - All orders will be shipped within 1-2 weeks of recieving order using USPS (if international it will will transfer over to your postal provider once reaching customs) *This does not include pre-order items* - After purchase all order production and shipping is handled by Printify, if you have any questions regarding your order you can contact
  • Tattoo Booking & Deposit Policy
    What is your minimum? - $150 What is your hourly? - I charge by the piece not hourly Deposit Policy: - All new appointments must send a $100 deposit to reserve appointment. Deposit is non-refundable & goes towards the final cost of your tattoo. Deposit is only valid for one reschedule if given 24 hour notice. Deposit becomes void for all "no call, no shows" & another deposit much be sent to reschedule.
  • Tattoo Aftercare
    1.) Leave Derma-shield bandage on for 48 hours after being applied. During this time the bandage will fill up with ink, blood and plasma. This might look strange but is normal and means your body is starting the process of healing itself! *Please note* While it is unlikely allergic reactions are possible. Please remove the bandage if you notice redness or swelling along the outside rim of the bandage Remove bandage early if you notice it is leaking. 2.) After 48 hours remove bandages under warm water or in the shower to prevent discomfort and irritation during removal. 3.) Once removed, wash the tattoo with unscented antibacterial soap & pat dry with a paper towel. 4.) For the next few days while your tattoo is in the early stages of healing apply a small amount of a light non scented lotion to keep the area moisturized but still able to breathe. 5.) During healing your tattoo will peel and may itch. Avoid itching and picking at all costs, pat if necessary. If you notice extreme itching your tattoo may be having a reaction to the lotion or soap you are using. 6.) Touch-ups are always complementary and if you have any questions regarding your tattoo and/or healing process please contact me directly at Or Instagram Direct Message: @princess.guts Thank you so much for supporting my art & I hope you enjoy your new tattoo <3 xx ☆⁺˚*♡⁺˚*☆
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